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[61], On January 22, 2020, Riff Raff settled a lawsuit related to a sexual assault claim made against him from a 2014 incident at a Nevada brothel.[62]. The deal was for a reported $500,000 along with a Beartrap Sound pendant and chain set with 10 Ct. weight of VS1 diamonds. Soulja Boy publicly called Riff Raff a "cokehead" following their split. [10], Simco was born on January 29, 1982, in Houston, Texas, to Anita Isaacs, a maid, and Ronald Simco, a Vietnam War veteran with severe post-traumatic stress disorder, who worked various jobs, including as a police officer and Walmart manager. He then released an EP entitled Trench Coat Towers in early November 2015. [11] Riff Raff then started releasing more music videos that furthered the artist's internet fame. [31] In February 2013 he told Complex that his second studio album is due out some time during the third quarter of 2013. Riff Raff, also known as Jody Highroller (real name Horst Christian Simco), is an American rapper from Houston signed to Diplo's … Despite having a long and healthy life, the term 'riff-raff' had a complicated birth, probably somewhere in France. On February 9, 2018, Riff Raff and DJ Afterthought released the album Cool Blue Jewels with features from Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, Jimmy Wopo, Young Buck and Project Pat, among others. On "Double Cup", an episode of FXX's Major Lazer, he made a guest appearance as Double Cup, The Codeine Scientist. ), from Old French rif et raf, from rifler "to spoil, strip" (see rifle (v.)). [14], After his parents divorced, his father was diagnosed with tonsil cancer and the family moved to Duluth, Minnesota to get his father out of the heat into a cooler environment. [14] He is a fan of The Simpsons, with a tattoo of Bart holding test tubes that reads "The Freestyle Scientist" on his chest. I mean, the man is damn national treasure, but he’s also in his upper ’80s and has a history of … Stiff admission fees kept the riff-raff off the piers in those early days. The announcement also includes an album entitled "Pink Python,” released in fall of 2018. Riff Raff Events works exclusively with a number of brand partnerships such as Warehouse Project, Parklife Festival, Cirque, You&Me, Hide&Seek Festival, Ultimate Boxer. riff-raff meaning: 1. people with a bad reputation or of a low social class: 2. people with a bad reputation or of a…. [53] However, according to James Franco, his character was based on the underground rap artist Dangeruss. 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a History and Etymology for riffraff Middle English ryffe raffe , from rif and raf every single one, from Anglo-French rif e raf altogether On April 12, 2019 Riff Raff released his third studio album titled Pink Python with guest appearances from Chief Keef, J-Dawg, and Killah Priest. He did this with the help of his first talent manager, DB da Boss, whose studio provided recording and video services. Person Status Submission Type: Musician Badges: Researching Year 2010 Origin Houston, Texas, US Tags rap, rapper, trap, music, meme rap, jody highroller, peach panther, neon icon Additional References Facebook Twitter Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About. Growing up he was obsessed with basketball, playing frequently with other children in his neighborhood. [42] In March 2014, prior to the album's release, Rolling Stone included the album on their list of "27 Must-Hear Albums of 2014". 2010–12: SODMG, Mad Decent, various mixtapes, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Exclusive: Riff Raff Wants to Be EDM Justin Bieber", "Houston Rapper Riff Raff Signs With Diplo's Label", "Riff Raff, "Bringing the Rice Out" (XXL Exclusive Online Feature)", "Riff Raff Signs To Diplo's Mad Decent Label", "Three Loco – "We Are Farmers" (Feat. Riff Raff Origin. In April 2016, Riff Raff announced a partnership with Stampede Management and BMG, raising US$4 million for his Neon Nation Corporation to invest in music as well as in "movies and talent across the globe to build an entertainment empire. (Redirected from Neon Icon) Horst Christian Simco, better known as Riff Raff, is a rapper from Texas. It was followed by the release of the mixtape, Birth of an Icon, in August, which was listed by Stereogum as their "Mixtape of the Week. He was so determined to become famous that he flew to Atlanta to try out for MTV's reality show From G's to Gents. He and his friend also tried out for P. Diddy's Making the Band, to no avail. Money Gang Inc., Riff Raff was signed to DJ and producer Diplo's record label, Mad Decent, from 2013 through 2015. DB spoke with LA Weekly about the rapper, saying "He was very driven, very ambitious. [11][21], Some time before the official split Riff Raff affiliated with producers such as Diplo and Harry Fraud, as well as with Queens rapper Action Bronson. More Like This Reduplicative words [55] In July 2013, Riff Raff announced he was suing the creators of Spring Breakers for $10 million for using his image without permission. For a time, Riff Raff and his siblings were shuttled back and forth between Duluth and Houston, where their mother remained. The album was eventually released on June 24, 2016. Most of the songs off "BALLOWEEN" have been stashed away for month's and were finally released. "[46] Since his second studio album Peach Panther he has released 3 projects with DJ Afterthought starting out with 2016 Halloween mixtape, "BALLOWEEN" featuring Quavo, Skepta, Trae tha Truth, Travis Barker and many more. [32], On June 25, 2013 he released a single titled "Dolce & Gabbana", produced by DJ Carnage as the first single from Neon Icon, however two days later he announced that the song wouldn't be included on the album. [11], The same year actor, comedian and rapper Simon Rex noticed Riff Raff after being shown to him by notable producer The Alchemist. [36][37] In August 2013, Riff Raff announced that he would be releasing a collaboration album with Action Bronson titled Galaxy Gladiators in 2014. [27] He signed with Diplo's label Mad Decent in June 2012. Riff Raff was booked into jail along with the two passengers in his vehicle, and was released without bail later that night. Whiskey Riff Raff – Riley Green. [11] The pair later formed a rap group Three Loco along with comedian Andy Milonakis, increasing Riff Raff's popularity by tapping into the two celebrities' fan bases. Whiskey Riff Raff – Josh Abbott. Riff Raff premiered his single "Jazzmine" with Houston Chronicle, a remake of "A Whole New World" from Aladdin featuring Iliana Eve, Jonathan Hay, Aneesa Badshaw, Ranna Royce and others. [11] They would remain affiliated for around a year, but the label did not push or pay Riff Raff, which would result in him leaving the label. [19] Then in mid-2011, Riff Raff signed to Soulja Boy's label S.O.D. [47] …of the British working class: Riff-Raff (1991) depicts the travails of a London construction crew, and Raining Stones (1993) follows a man searching for money to buy a dress for his daughter. [60] Afterward, a second woman, aged 17 at the time, alleged that in Milwaukee, Riff Raff invited her on his tour bus; according to the accuser, he proceeded to touch her repeatedly while making suggestive comments. Money Gang Inc..[20] Riff Raff joined Soulja Boy's SODMG label before they met in person; no paperwork was ever signed. Diplo) Video", "Riff Raff's Album Has An Official Release Date…And A Baby On The Cover", "RiFF RAFF Signs $500K Deal With Blackbear's "Beartrap Sound, "Becoming Riff Raff: How a White Suburban Kid Morphed Into Today's Most Enigmatic Rapper", "Watch Part Two Of A$AP Rocky & Riff Raff's Hilarious Interview - XXL", "Personal Details for Horst Christian Simco", "Inside Riff Raff's Weird World | Music News", "Seven Embarrassing Incidents Rappers Had Before They Were Famous - Page 7 of 8 - XXL", "Riff Raff – "Marc Jacobs" (Music Video)", "Soulja Boy Signs Former MTV Reality Star Riff Raff To SODMG Imprint", "Riff Raff Talks Beef With Soulja Boy - XXL", "Action Bronson & Riff Raff – "Bird On A Wire" Video", "Chief Keef & Riff Raff – "Cuz My Gear" Video", "Riff Raff: "Skrillex, Usher, Soulja Boy On My Diplo-Produced LP" - Music News - Fuse", "Download Riff Raff's Summer of Surf Mixtape", "Mixtape Of The Week: Riff Raff Birth Of An Icon", "Riff Raff Suggests Listening to 'Hologram Panda' With "Ass Cheeks in Hand, Partying with RiFF RAFF and Talking Style Icons, James Franco, and His New Clothing Line, "iTunes - Music - Dolce & Gabbana - Single by Riff Raff", "ScHoolboy Q "The Process" with Peter Rosenberg", "RiFF RaFF Says "Dolce & Gabbana" Isn't Good Enough For "NEON iCON" | Get The Hip Hop News, Rap News & Hip Hop Album Sales", "RiFF RaFF Lives Hoop Dreams, Bakes Potatoes in 'Mr. By the middle of the decade, the Simcos had moved to nearby Stone Creek. On the 2015 Vans Warped Tour, Riff Raff hired We Came As Romans' bassist Andy Glass to play bass for him on the tour. "[54], There was much back and forth between both camps about the issue, including Riff Raff appearing in a cameo for One Life to Live playing a character called "Jamie Franko". [40] That same month, Riff Raff told Rolling Stone in an interview that leading up to the album's release he would release various "left-over" tracks from the album's recording sessions[41] These notably included the Boi-1da produced "Real Boyz", featuring rappers OJ da Juiceman and Cap 1, as well as "Suckas Askin' Questions" with Lil Debbie and "Shoulda Won a Grammy" with Action Bronson. [59] All venues on his Australian and New Zealand tour subsequently canceled his scheduled concerts. Learn more. From Old French rif et raf (“one and all”), of Germanic origin. [11], In an effort to get on television he went on many auditions, including for a part in a peanut butter commercial intended for a teenager. riff-raff definition: 1. people with a bad reputation or of a low social class: 2. people with a bad reputation or of a…. Your Child, Horst Simco. The first word is from rifler (“to scrape off”) and the last is from raffler, related to rafler (“to plunder”). Then there was the taste for 'solid' travellers, not tourist riff-raff. riff raff A negative term for people that lack social grace, education or thathave minoritystatus. Origin Late 15th century (as riff and raff): from Old French rif et raf ‘one and all, every bit’, of Germanic origin. However, Riff Raff still wore the imprint's chain, got its logo tattooed, and again adjusted his stage name, this time to Riff Raff SODMG. [38][39], On November 26, 2013 he released the first official single for Neon Icon titled "How To Be the Man" and produced by DJ Mustard. Then on July 12, 2013 he released another non album single titled "Mr. Popular", and four days later released the music video for the song. 2 Chainz, Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Juicy J worked on the album with Riff Raff. [57][58], On May 31, 2018, Riff Raff was accused of drugging and raping a woman after a 2013 show in Melbourne. You couldn't deny his work ethic," going on to say, "Underneath that shell is a very intelligent man." He began doing his hair up in braids popular among "Northsiders" like Slim Thug and shopping for bling at TV Jewelry, a store co-owned by Paul Wall and charismatic Vietnamese immigrant "TV" Johnny Dang, from whom Riff Raff also purchased gold grills. Post author By Kristian; Post date 11/02/2020; Sticky post Are we free if the choices we make are those we have been taught to make? Magenta is a major antagonistin The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. [14] Riff Raff was the second of four siblings. Riffler is the origin of our riffle in the card-shuffling sense, amongst others, and of rifle, for searching hurriedly through possessions for something, or to steal. [23], In early 2012 he would release music videos for the songs, "Larry Bird",[4] "Time"[24] and the Chief Keef collaboration "Cuz My Gear", among others. Loach also received praise for Ladybird Ladybird (1994), a downbeat… Second element from raffler "carry off," related to rafle "plundering," or from … also riff-raff, late 15c., from earlier rif and raf "one and all, everybody, every scrap," also "sweepings, refuse" (mid-14c. [Late Middle English riffe raffe, from Middle English rif and raf, everything, one and all, rubbish, rabble, ultimately (if the expression was not coined in Middle English from elements of French origin and then borrowed by Middle French) from Middle French and Anglo-Norman rifraf, rif et raf, altogether, as in emporter rif et raf, to take away everything, probably a reduplicated formation from Middle French … Stars. He was also featured on several singles during 2015, including "Doctor Pepper" with Diplo, CL, and OG Maco, and Flux Pavilion's single "Who Wants to Rock". Whiskey Riff Raff – Granger Smith. 0 0. whispernikki. [uncountable + singular or plural verb] (disapproving) an offensive way of referring to people of low social class or people who are not considered socially acceptable We don’t want to let all the riff-raff in. [8], His debut studio album, Neon Icon, was released June 24, 2014 with Mad Decent. When he learned that he had made the cast for the program's second season, before taping had even begun, he immediately got a giant MTV logo tattooed on his neck and adjusted his stage name to "MTV Riff Raff". In 2001, he enrolled at Hibbing Community College in Hibbing, Minnesota, where he played on the basketball team for a month and majored in liberal arts. Raff definition: rubbish ; refuse | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples [3], Riff Raff started rapping in 2005, making homemade CDs of his rapping over other artists' beats, and passing them out at various malls in the Greater Houston Area including Katy Mills Mall. [52] Once the details of the movie came out, there was speculation that the main character Alien was based on Riff Raff. In early 2016 he released the first single from Peach Panther, "Carlos Slim". Riff Raff competed on a special for the MTV reality series The Challenge, premiering November 21, 2017 and titled Champs vs. "[14], On August 11, 2013, Riff Raff was arrested in Greensboro, North Carolina after police found an open container of alcohol, marijuana, another unspecified illegal substance and drug paraphernalia in his vehicle. It was written at a crucial time period because all of the elderly people who had all the knowledge and documentation of Northport since its founding in the mid-1800s, were essentially dying off — for lack of a better term. I enjoy the Midwest because of it's low amount of riff … [51], On February 15, 2012, film director Harmony Korine contacted Riff Raff about appearing in an upcoming movie of his which would turn out to be Spring Breakers. Whiskey Riff Raff – Tennessee Jet. Source(s): https://shrinke.im/bahwU. "The White West", referring himself as "the white Kanye West" dropped August 4, 2017 having upcoming artists like Dice SoHo and Jimmy Wopo on the project. [11] He also has a large gothic cross below his left shoulder, framed by a prayer that reads, "Dear Jesus, Please Let Me In. “It goes to extremes – from people saying I’m the best of all-time to people saying, “I hate that white … [11][16][17] Upon the season's debut in early 2009, appearance on the show would garner an immediate reaction to him, which catapulted his career. [28] The same year he released the album, The Golden Alien, independently in July [citation needed] which feature tracks produced by MikeChekMusic, "Freeze Dried", "Obtuse Angle". All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. [9] In April 2016, Riff Raff announced a joint partnership with Stampede Management and BMG, signing a 4-million dollar artist venture agreement for his own label and production company, "Neon Nation Corporation.” According to label representatives, the scope of said agreement would include investments from the joint deal in the areas of musical recordings; publishing; performing musical acts; talent scouting for the territories of the world, and film production. Lv 4. As early as 1326, the Annales Paulini (the chronicles of the reigns of Edward I and Edward II) record the French term 'rifler' with the meaning of 'robber; plunderer'. They were a mixture of the keen, the desperate and riff-raff. [15] He looked up to Northside Houston rappers from label Swishahouse, who were blowing up around that time, including Paul Wall, Chamillionaire and Slim Thug. [11][17], Beginning in 2011, Riff Raff began to be managed by OG Ron C of Swishahouse fame, and moved to Los Angeles. Rex contacted Riff Raff after watching one of his freestyle videos in which he revealed his phone number, and soon enough the two became friends and began recording as Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty. She was portrayed by Patricia Quinn. its weird you should say that , i was just talking to a friend about a her dad that calls lower class people riff raff, but the ironic thing is he was a lower class citizen a … Riff definition is - an ostinato phrase (as in jazz) typically supporting a solo improvisation; also : a piece based on such a phrase. Riff Raff announced his intention to release his second studio album Peach Panther on June 1, 2015. [49], In 2017, Riff Raff partnered with Reef Dispensaries to develop and endorse two new strains of marijuana. I would say the biggest influence on the role was this local Florida rapper named Dangeruss. Riff Raff Lyrics: See it on television, every day / Ya hear it on the radio / It ain’t humid, but it sure is hot / Down in Mexico / A barmaid's tryin' to tell me (ha-ha) / "Beginning of the end He joined the band The Neighborhood in 2013. Riff Raff Brewing Company started its mission in 2013 with a simple philosophy…but we forgot that philosophy as we drove too many hammers and nails and drank too much Pabst Blue Ribbon during construction of the brewpub. By any definition this is a derogatory term ( rabble, riff-raff, shabby, motley, dishevelled, etc). 1 decade ago. He credited his early influences being Texas veteran rappers Devin the Dude and Paul Wall. [7], Simco was formerly a member of the rap group Three Loco along with Andy Milonakis and Dirt Nasty, who reunited on his Balloween 2016 Halloween mixtape performing "Bitches in my Driveway". [5] He was originally managed by Swishahouse co-founder OG Ron C.[6] After being associated with rapper and producer Soulja Boy's imprint S.O.D. Money Gang Inc., Riff Raff was signed to DJ and producer Diplo's record label, Mad Decent, from 2013 through 2015. [26] In June 2012, Riff Raff released the Summer of Surf mixtape. [48] On October 25, Riff Raff released his fourth studio album titled Cranberry Vampire, with appearances from Simon Rex, Andy Milonakis, Chief Keef, and others. [11], Riff Raff has a large number of tattoos, including the logos for WorldStarHipHop, NBA, and MTV, which he had acquired during auditions for the 2009 reality TV show From G's to Gents. Those include songs such as "Jose Canseco",[18] and "Marc Jacobs". The music video he released for his collaboration with Fraud and Bronson, "Bird on a Wire," hit the one million plays-mark in roughly two months. "[29][30], Following the release of his mixtape Hologram Panda with producer Dame Grease, Riff Raff told MTV that his upcoming Mad Decent second studio album would be titled Riff Raff, The Neon Icon, later shortened to Neon Icon. He's fairly unknown, but he was down there in the place, living the life, and he became the biggest model for me, and he's in the movie. It also gave rise to the firearms sense, since a rifle takes its name from the spiral grooves cut in the barrel of such a gun to improve its accuracy; this comes from a different sense of the French word, meaning to graze or scratch. [50] Riff Raff has also collaborated with the cannabis subscription box company Daily High Club to create a Riff Raff smoking supply box containing smoking products and accessories inspired by his stage persona. [43] On May 20, 2014, Riff Raff announced through his Twitter that after much delay, Neon Icon was scheduled for a June 24, 2014 release date. He was originally managed by Swishahouse co-founder OG Ron C. After being associated with rapper and producer Soulja Boy's imprint S.O.D. [14] Riff Raff took advantage of social media on Myspace, YouTube and WorldStarHipHop in late 2008, releasing songs, freestyle-videos, and sketch clips, which showcased his talent as slapstick and performance art. How to use riff in a sentence. 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He attended Langham Creek High School, where he was shooting guard on his school's basketball team, before dropping out in his senior year. Origin of riffraff 1425–75; late Middle English rif and raf every particle, things of small value
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