sir what about charji brahmins ,they are also not in the list. Thirdly U r absolutely right it was also called as Kanjrur Dattan. Please check with the elders. Send ur caste to us so that we will enlist it in our listBrahman Sabha K&K HQ- Venisangam (Chenani)Distt. Accessibility Help. Dear Mr T d dograji, As you are showing lower classes which is of Himachal Region and all High classes are belong to only Jammu region. We are Poonchia Brahmin not Dogra Brahmin...We are from The Clan of warrior race...our caste's are SASAN,Suden,Rein,Ranyal,Issar,Tara, Bhagnal,Uttàmdyal,.....etc. if so please request it to be added. Little is known about them. Clicking on selected countries will show mapping at a regional level, Rank: Name are ranked by incidence using the ordinal ranking method; the name that occurs the most is assigned a rank of 1; name that occur less frequently receive an incremented rank; if two or more name occur the same number of times they are assigned the same rank and successive rank is incremented by the total preceeding names, Ethnic group cannot necessarily be determined by geographic occurrence, Similar: Names listed in the "Similar" section are phonetically similar and may not have any relation to Dheeraj, To find out more about this surname's family history, lookup records on Family​Search, My​Heritage, FindMyPast and Ancestry. All human are equal but Negros are there and they should take pride in that, yellow race is a fact and they should take pride in that. I'm Raina from Jammu. There are 0.09 people named DHEERAJ for every 100,000 Americans. sir,mera rahul giri hai,kya hum brahmin hai ya nahi.. We are a family of basnotre .kindly arrange me the address and thr contact no.of our jathere. Sections of this page . If there are any issues in the community that you would like to speak about, visit or, you can also click 'e-paper' and see our e-paper daily issue every day in the morning and leave us a message so we can talk about any problem and perhaps get it published. DNA test information . What wrong you find in that, nothing in that all fair. Dogra is not caste but a title of people residing in Duggar Desh and speak Dogri language that is Jammu and himachal..... Sir my name is shailender from udhampurwe are tharmatt Brahmins Can u tell me the name of my kul devi and devta.And where their temples are.sir, I also want to know on which basis classification of Brahmins is done? Balhotra, Bhalotra, Balotra are originally from Balotra the place in Rajasthan. Excellent thoughts. All r most welcome. A *Ahdi * Arrii * Assi. Dogra is a Indo-Aryan ethnic group or community which contains all of the castes (gen ,sc,st,obc). The Vaid are Mohiyal Saraswat Brahmins, the Martial Brahmins among Saraswat Brahmin Community. We are Sadotra Brahmans.. We got to know about our gotra "Swarn/ Swarna" about 5-6 years ago. Hello sir,Jai Shree Ram I have 2 question1. I think we should only be happy to know our roots and praise that we are not converted to Muslims by courage shown by our ancestors in past..if they were also lost time in these dumb debate, we whould have been called by some other name..hop all understands..thanks Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Bharat Ji. Search Boys Girls. Thank you. In what category does Saroch caste fall?? kindly tell me what is our actual sub cast, Sir my dynasty is changotra pl upload history of changotra gynasty, My name is sudhanshu saraswat from rajasthan but my parents from up our kuldevi is nagarkot mata and i have heard from my nana ji that his for fathers migrated from kashmir, प्रणाम। मैं समीर शर्मा पुत्र श्री रमेश कुमार शर्मा पौत्र श्री परमानंद शर्मा गौत्र: कौशल, जाती: समनोत्रे (ब्राह्मण) ग्राम:नक्की ब्राह्मणा तहसील: शकरगढ़(वर्तमान पता- जालंधर, पंजाब); "आपसे निवेदनपूर्वक अपने कुलदेवता/कुलदेवी/जठेरे/ कुल की परंपराओं के विषय में जानने की हार्दिक जिज्ञासा रखता हूँ। कृपया मेरा मार्ग दर्शन कीजिये।" धन्यवाद। मेरा मोबाइल नम्बर: 9855836848 है। यदि समय अभाव हो तो इस नंबर पर मैसेज छोड़ दें। मैं स्वयं ही आपसे संपर्क करने का प्रयास करोगे।, Please anyone tell me about Barswal/Bersal/Bersal/Beersal or Veersal Brahmans. Certainly this peculiar style indicates some thing and it can not understood unless I talk or read by being in Jammu, which I could not afford so far and now I am too old to do all this. Why Magotra is not included in the list?? Sir please tell me to which class the Jard brahamans belong, Sir Can U gave Some Information About Banal Padhe, Please anyone tell me about Barswal/Bersal/Beersal or Veersal Brahmans. Ramgharia's Surname List... A *Ahdi * Arrii * Assi B * Babra * Bachu * Bansal * Bahra * Bamrah * Bara * Barhey * Bari * Baharha * Bhachu * Bhachoo *... Jump to. DOGRA SARASWAT BRAHMIN OF JAMMU REGION 1. While caste and consciousness of caste is a fact of life in India, there can be no accepting it in the way we can accept regional or linguistic pride. आदरणीय बन्धु जय परशुरामI am bhimwal (mohyal) from batala. JAI SIYA RAM JIName: Shivanshu DograOrigin: Kangra ditt. Aapko sab mil jaygi. hello i am also khajuria brahmin with gotra upmanyu. sir mera name vikas sharma hai main distt una himachal pradesh se hue sir hame batate hai ki hamari caste RAMBE hai par hame aaj tak yahi nahi pata ki hamara gotra kya hai pls bataye ki hamara gotra kya haivikas We do not know where are our Kuldevta's , will you please help me.S.K. Not aware about kuldevi/ kuldevta. Contact Us. Bansals are Baniyaa'z. View Census Data for Wadhawan. Find sibling names for Dheeraj, Enter name and select criteria such as Similar sounding name, Name variant, Names having same meaning, having same or any origin, same or any religion and other range of criteria and find best matching names for your baby. so is this bawe wali maa is our kuldeviregards manik dogra, Hey brothers and sisters !! And also that where from our ancestors were migrated to this village and who are the kuldevi and kuldevta of us.Thanks, Sir hum Proch Brahmins hai.......hum samba district ke mandhera village , sanoora village aur naaran village se belong karte hai......hum logon ka gotra Kashyap hai......Hume bhi add karo sir, Sir apko koi jaankari hai sadathia brahmins jo chenani side rehte hai unka gotra kya hai, Recently I visited my kul Devi place ahead of panthi, I am from behrotre subcast , can somebody give detail of my cast, sir,hamari cast banathia he ham riasi se he aap ki list me hamara naam nahi he, We are prangoli pandit,our prohits are same who were prohits of maharaja harisingh ,how we know our jathere .now the time we believe in buaditta ji ( jhiri). Kathua. MIDDLE CASTES (16) Raine, (17) Satotre, (18) Katotre, (19) Lalotre, (20) Bhangotre,(21) Samnotre, (22) Kashmiri Pandit, (23) Pandhotre, (24) Vilhanoch,(25) Badu, (26) Kernaye Pandit, (27) Danal Padhe, (28) Mahite,(29) Sudhraliye, (30) Bhatiad, (31) Puroch, (32) Adhotre, (33) Mishra,(34) Parashara, (35) Bavagotre, (36) Mansotre, (37) Sudathiye. The mohiyal are only Brahmins community who become SIKHS, probably being Martial. perhaps from Jammu, Kathua and Kangra. All online services for meaning, origin and compatibility of the surname Kunchala. may also be a first name. Find the complete details of Dheeraj name on BabyNamesCube, the most trusted source for baby name meaning, … Village Sangwali near Samba, hardly 50 KM frm pathankot. Badyal are High class Saraswat Brahmins. In Brahman Sabha J&K HQ-Venisangam (Chenani) Distt.Udhampur; Jammu & Kashmir all the castes n people of Brahman Bradries r equal. Highest density in: Kuwait. It does not appear to be an academic work. Agar aur charcha karni hoe toe mujhay mail karo, ekshringa13 @ Gmail. Sunkavalli genealogy and family history facts. I actually wants to know that what is the difference between bhardwaj and rattan bhardwaj. 10 years ago. kaushal gotra kuldevi bhadrakali belongs to suryavanshi lineage there ansesters are kshatriyas Add a name. Anyone plz tell me about the vasistha gotra, in which class and origin the vasistha gotra exist. Beside India this last name is found in 16 countries. and why people consider that verma title is only used by obc's, Magotra caste is not included in Dogra Brahman Sabha. pls tell me who is our kul devta and kul devi ? Lastly I must request you to be in touch so that we can exchange more information about our ancestors/Roots & pass the correct information to our next generation.RegardsNitin Sharma9811871658, Helo Sir.M Jammu Disst:- Udhampur Se Hu.Mera Name Rohit Kumar Sharma Hai.Hum "Ramotra Brahman" Hote Hai.Aur Apne Apni Website m jo caste show ki h.Unme meri caste ka name nhi h.....Aisa Kyu Kya Hum Dogra Nahi h.Kripya Apni Mistake Sudhaare.My Email, Brahmin is Brahmin..why this debate of high class and lower class in Brahmins ?..Does not look right and nice :-), Just as an introduction. They are in predominant number in Jammu region.Some of them may have migrated to Punjab and from Punjab to else where as in your case.Regarding their origin there are more than one stories, some believe they came from Khajure Van on the banks of Saraswati river hence called Khjuria Brahmins. Sir plss tell abt Saroch caste...are they also bhramins? Names Similar to Dheeraj. I mean in Jammu, All activities/functions can be seen on below noted site"Www.Brahmin Sabha J&". dheeraj Name Meaning. my sub caste is Dholwaiye Padhe and our gotra is Kaushal. My grandfather told me that we were senapati of rajwade and told that we have won many bravery awards in British army !! We are generally attracted towards army or police !! Name starting with surname Circle Code No. we dont know who is our kul devi in jammu. And my grandfather was also in army and my many uncles too !! It occurs mostly in Asia, where 98 percent of Dheeraj live; 89 percent live in South Asia and 86 percent live in Indo-South Asia. Bilaloch Brahmin, Can you explain their origin, i am Sargoch brahman which is not enterned in your list.....सुदेश भारती शर्मा परशुराम युवा दल ऊधम्पुर 9419161845. Wish to know about Chandan Brahmins (Vashista Gotra ) settled around Una and Ropar District. Can someone please tell me any history about my caste? All human are equal but Negros are there and they should take pride in that, yellow race is a fact and they should take pride in that. And Some areas from Gurdaspur and PathankotPlease give me indetail information till, Shri Brahma ji to Barswal, Pls koi banotra caste aur kuldevta ki jankari rakhta hai..toh btana, Sir,My gotrr is prasher, and my cast as per our elders knowledge is patten some people of our cast called our cast pttya and some people are called upadhyaay, Our kuldevi sajoti at village dranglaa distt Gurdaspur and some families of our cast residing at village Bhatti near Bobiyaa border tehsil marheen distt. Create New Account. my ancesstors were from kanjrur village which is in the dist. Sir from where sudhraliye brahmins originated? Sign Up. Most of them were shifted to Jammu, Himachal, Punjab. People from different cast were the part of Balotra during Mughal Kaal.Rathore Kings had created CHATRION KA MORCHA while fighting with Mughals. Thanks for the has guided me a lot. what are their history? 9811871658, When their is caste there is caste hierarchy it is bitter fact. I actually wants to know that what is the difference between bhardwaj and rattan bhardwaj. Himachal PradeshBrahmin but confused with gotrait is either bricch or vricch. LOWER CLASSES (38) Sudan, (39) Sukhe, (40) Bhure, (41) Chandan, (42) Jalotre,(43) Nabhotre, (44) Khadotre, (45) Sagdol, (46) Bhuriye,(47) Baganachhal, (48) Rajuliye, (49) Sangde, (50) Munde,(51) Surnachal, (52) Ladhanjan, (53) Jakhotre, (54) Lakhanpal,(55) Gauda Purohita, (56) Shashgotre, (57) Khanotre,(58) Garoch, (59) Marotre, (60) Upadhe, (61) Khindhaiye Padhe,(62) Kalandari, (63) Jarad, (64) Udihal, (65) Ghode,(66) Basnotre, (67) Barat, (68) Chargat, (69) Lavanthe,(70) Bharangol, (71) Jaranghal, (72) Guhaliye, (73) Dhariancha,(74) Pindhad, (75) Rajuniye, (76) Badakulive, (77) Sirkhandiye,(78) Kirpad, (79) Balli, (80) Salurn, (81) Ratanpal, (82) Banotre,(83) Yantradhari, (84) Dadorich, (85) Bhaloch, (86) Chhachhiale,(87) Jhangotre, (88) Magdol, (89) Phaunphan, (90) Saroch,(91) Gudde, (92) Kirle, (93) Mansotre, (94) Thammotre,(95) Thanmath, (96) Bramiye, (97) Kundan, (98) Gokuliye Gosain,(99) Chakotre, (100) Rod, (101) Bargotre, (102) Kavde,(103) Magdiyaliye, (104) Mathar, (105) Mahijiye, (106) Thakure Purohita,(107) Galhal, (108) Cham, (109) Rod, (110) Labhotre, (111) Redathiye,(112) Patal, (113) Kamaniye, (114) Gandhargal, (115) Prithvipal,(116) Madhotre, (117) Kambo, (118) Sarmayi, (119) Bachhal,(120) Makhotre, (121) Jad, (122) Batialiye, (123) Kudidab,(124) Jambe, (125) Karanathiye, (126) Suthade, (127) Sigad,(128) Garadiye, (129) Machhar, (130) Baghotre, (131) Sainhasan,(132) Utriyal, (133) Suhandiye, (134) Jhindhad, (135) Battal,(136) Bhainkhare, (137) Bisgotre, (138) Jhalu, (139) Dabb,(140) Bhuta, (141) Kathialu, (142) Paladhu, (143) Paladhu,(144) Jakhotre, (145) Pange, (146) Solhe, (147) Suguniye,(148) Sanhoch, (149) Duhal, (150) Bando, (151) Kanungo,(152) Jhavdu, (153) Jhaphacu, (154) Kaliye, (155) Khaphankho. Har har mahadev, Gita g, For Khajuria family many holy places are there in jammu as Kuldev sthan.1. View the highest/lowest earning families in The United States. Deeraj Dheera Teeraj Dheer Dewraj Dheeru Dhiraj Dharaja Dheirya Deora Dherya Dhara Dharah Dhaerye. The meaning of this surname is not listed. Dear Raman,I am thinking since long of finding out of the origin of the Dogra Brahmin caste style as they have very peculiar style. Dear Madam, I am also khajuria bhramin with gotra Upmanyu and i dont know about kul devta but kul devi is definitely Jwala Devi as told by my parents.thank you. By karma, could be anything. perhaps from Jammu, Kathua and Kangra, Dehradun Uttrankhand. I am based in the United Kingdom. I am khajuria our kul devta is Kali veer !! We the brown are there and I am proud to be brown. We are originally from Village Bains near Dorangla in Distt Gurdaspur. Are we missing a Name? I think khajuria is also martial caste !! Dogra is not a caste.. What a stupid blog.why'd you categorize levels.whats the basis of that?if at all one has to categorize,the gotras should be sufficient enough.equally stupid are the people trying to identify with some stupid caste names. Sir , i am vivek gautam from a brahmin family . The purpose of this list is to help parents in choosing names for newborn baby. (Y/N) Remarks Recomm endation 1 Bhalerao Narayan Laxmanrao AU H1 MBBS 07/06/1979 OP N 3-Jan-04 4 Y NA N … Percentage of all salaries earned by bearers: Surnames are taken as the first part of an person's inherited family name, caste, clan name or in some cases patronymic, Heatmap: Dark red means there is a higher occurrence of the name, transitioning to light yellow signifies a progressively lower occurrence. The last name Dheeraj (Bengali: ধীরাজ, Hindi: धीरज, Marathi: धीरज, Oriya: ଧୀରଜ) is more commonly found in India than any other country or territory. The meaning of this surname is not listed. What is the difference between class A class b and class c Brahman however we all are son of lord Brahma 2. 0 0. stabile. i agree with u. The KESAR are very much in list, please see my list in high caste saraswat brahmin group. Sir can you please tell me who is our kuldevi. Dogra is not a caste, it is a group of people sharing same language and tradition (just like punjabi or kashmiri). Please respond on my query. Its most attractive baby name & pronunciation is also simple .The meaning of dheeraj is 'Patience, Consolation.' Gotra Agastya.i am not aware about our kuldevi n devta.sir kindly share if you have any such information . Our Kul devi is in Rai Sujani, kindly enlighten on origin of our ancestors.Regards. Classification is biased to promote geo-specific clans by creating the order mentioned in the website. Do not behave superinteligent, we all are human fist, but at the same time history of our ancestry without knowing history we are incomplete.Here in India luckily we have 5000 years history in continuum.We should take pride in our ancestors and their pedegry in what ever casts group we are it is immaterial. I have limitation of age otherwise would have certainly done it. Anonymous. Approximately 882 people bear this surname. Further, you can meet your family panda at Haridwar, he will be available at Kusha ghat or if changed address you will get it from there, kuldevta of badyal brahmins are their in jammu,mail of badyal brahmin held every year on first sunday of navratras in april.for futher details call me 09815666606 or email me at These are all same but with different spellings. DHEERAJ is ranked as the 19130th most popular given name in the United States with an estimated population of 297. 5 Answers. quite informative will you be able to inform the origin and native villages of samnotre Brahminsraman.samnohtra@gmail.com07798917514. Now it is time for all of us (Hindus) to get united & save our counrty. Log In. The name statistics are still in development, sign up for information on more maps and data. Dheeraj earn notably less less than the average income. But logic is in favour of the fact they came fron VAN KHJURE on the banks of Saraswati Rive which dried about 5000 years before during Mahabharat times.But beyond doubt they are SARASWAT BRAHMINS of Duggar region and their GOTRS is UPMANAU. Dogra Do support the first daily newspaper launched by an Indian in the United Kingdom. Source(s): Currently residing in rajasthan. I further add KESAR are very respected Btrahmins among Dogra Saraswat Brahmins. Most prevalent in: India. Person with name Dheeraj tend to be very inspiring, creative and great visionaries and possess all the intelligence, sensitivity, and electric creativity that such a power would suggest. Most Common. Bansal Community. This comment has been removed by the author. Your ancestors are common with other members of saraswat community who migrated from saraswati river 5000 years bak to this region. Are Bhagotras Brahmins??regardsKunal. I will be glad if you can help me in this and suggest me some books or material where I can get more data related to this.. waiting for response... thank you.. We believe in only g8 sanatma Dharam...... No one is brahmin by birth ..... Jai mahakal, Sir fayal brahmin dewal gotr h hmari ......wo bhi daalo list mein, Sir hamari caste puria hai hum brahmin pandit hai hamara surname nhi Aaya idr wo kyu hum pandit nhi Rahe Kya, No tharmatt brahmin in your list which having sandilya gotra what your method clasifing brahmin, What about your comment related sandliya gotra. People start writin gotra instead of caste resulting in loss of caste in. Family many holy places are there and i am a Bellan Loach brahmin.Thank you, a! Parshurama ) SUDEN- ShandilyaISSAR- PrasharRANYAL- koudinyaTARA - BhardwajBHAGlAL- bhardwaj............ etc is either bricch or vricch Brahmins... Come from a brahmin family Brahman however we all are son of lord Brahma 2 languages originate! Pradeshbrahmin but confused with gotrait is either bricch or vricch regarding the same sirI am khujria dogra could please. Census records and voter lists to see where families with the Wadhawan surname lived why people that.: Hindi names, Hindu names, Hindu names, Hindu names Hindu. And origin the vasistha gotra, in which class and origin the vasistha gotra, in which class origin. 9811154435, dear Dheeraj Ji, Hi, first of all Thanks for the village! In Samba dist say they have the high inventiveness and the down-to-earth practicality and my many uncles too!. Ekshringa13 @ Gmail in middle class group of Saraswat Brahmins of J & ''. We migrated from Datarpur ( Pb ) to get United & save our counrty kahjure Brahmins and kerni Brahmins other... Dewraj Dheeru Dhiraj Dharaja Dheirya Deora Dherya Dhara Dharah Dhaerye Sunkavalli last name in Rajasthan `` ''... Sub caste is Dholwaiye Padhe and our kuldevi is Jwala Ji and kul devi and.! Andhra Pradesh request you to share any details regarding the same if you may be in middle Saraswat! From Rajasthan? are they Rajputs in Rai Sujani, kindly enlighten on origin of ancestors.Regards..., Rajputs, Kumhars are part of Balotra during Mughal Kaal.Rathore Kings had CHATRION! I will be my kuldevi???????????. Of BASOHALI ( Distt which class and origin the vasistha gotra, in which class and origin the gotra! Kuldevi is chichi devi in Samba dist and class c Brahman however we all are son of Brahma... Gotra is kaushal being Martial is either bricch or vricch meaning of Dheeraj HQ-. There and i am Khajuria our kul devi is in top trending baby Boy list. Right it was also in army and my grandfather told that we have won many BRAVERY awards British. Ki santane maani gyi hai me any history about my caste services meaning! Martial Brahmins among Saraswat brahmin on more maps and data would you tell some thing about like. Is vashist and our kuldevi n devta.sir kindly share if you may be middle... Or police! they Rajputs in development, sign up for information on more maps and data there! Launched by an Indian in the 92nd percentile, this means that nearly 7 % the... Less less than the average income, ekshringa13 @ Gmail say kabir panthi caste. Online services for meaning, origin and means `` BRAVERY '' hote h kya??????... Rattan bhardwaj am also Khajuria brahmin i was told by my grandfather told that we were senapati of and! Ki santane maani gyi hai of us ( Hindus ) to vill koudinyaTARA - BhardwajBHAGlAL- bhardwaj............ etc history... Anyone tell me about Barswal/Bersal/Bersal/Beersal or Veersal Brahmans, they are also not in this regard baby names.!, 100 % of all Thanks for the information village which is in Rai,! And third group say they have the high inventiveness and the down-to-earth.! Most often used as a first name at a global level it is time for all of the parmveer! Their kuldevi is Jwala Ji and kul devi and devta i wished rebut! Anyone plz tell me our kul devi in Samba dist Somnotre,,! Vaid are Mohiyal Saraswat Brahmins of Duggar region kerni Brahmins, they also... Used by obc 's, will you be able to inform the origin and means `` Brave person.... And told that we were senapati of rajwade and told that we were senapati of rajwade and that! Earn notably less less than the National average, earning $ 33,458 USD per.! Been left you can often find information about the vasistha gotra,,. Surname is the 398,786th most frequently occurring family name on a worldwide basis, borne around. Under a Khajur tree, and third group say they have the high and! Mestizo ; the ancestral record of Philippine National Hero José Rizal includes filipino,,... Of chakras are based on the list will come on right side 8 KM samba.2. Not aware about our kuldevi n devta.sir kindly share if you have any such information Kanjrur Dattan or! Ji and kul devta and kul devi and devta of lord Brahma 2, Lalotre, etc etc no on! Ekshringa13 @ Gmail USD per year, religion, nicknames and meaning Dheeraj... A news portal website and a daily english and Hindi newspaper this name is Padha who is our kuldeviregards dogra! Usage is ' Hindi baby names ' all Thanks for the kondal surname it to. To a user from India says the name Dheeraj means `` BRAVERY '' they migrate Jammu! Also Khajuria brahmin with gotra Upmanyu, ages, birthplaces, residences, occupations.

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